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About Us

Recognizing and Supporting a New Generation of Thought Leaders and Peace Makers

The Peace Prize is an accessible and relevant award for recognizing and supporting a new generation of thought leaders and peace makers in their efforts to create a world of greater safety, goodwill and harmony.

The Vision. Like the Nobel Peace Prize, but Cooler. Millennialized.

Our goal is to be fully operational by 2018 with a peace prize (youth and mainstream relevant, exciting 2.0 peace prize) for the mobile generation. Our organization will mix the best elements of the Clinton Global Initiative, the Academy Awards, CNN Heroes and the Nobel Peace Prize. Our mission is to build a solid legal and financial NGO/Foundation, coupled with a mainstream edu-tainment platform to educate the world about social change opportunities through service. On the front-end we will inspire and motivate through social media, major network TV award ceremonies and docu-series, while on the back-end empowering social change leaders with publicity, resources and funding.

Intention and Mission

The Peace Prize seeks to recognize new though leaders in the promotion of goodwill, compassion and kindness.

Our charter states, that award selection and confirmation should be, "without political or financial influence," and should remain, "a pure gesture of commendation for the contributions of the recipient." Beholden to no influence, partiality or structures of power, the award is to be accessible to people of all socioeconomic stations, affiliations and localities, contingent solely upon their contributions satisfying the objectives of the charter's intention.

The intention of the Peace Prize is, "to applaud the recipients' exceptional contributions to the advancement of greater goodwill, peace, compassion, kindness, and safety in the world."

Incorporation and Legal Status

We are a legally incorporated not-for-profit corporation in the state of Florida operating under the registered name of "The Peace Prize Charitable Trust, Inc." dba "Peace Prize Foundation." We were incorporated on March 26th, 2012 and licensed by the state operating under the regulatory ID# H12000075247-3 in good standing.

The McGill Peace Prize Foundation and Charitable Trust
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