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Board of Directors, Representatives & Advisors

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Board of Directors

Bryant H. McGill
Co-Founder & Chairman
Jenni Young McGill
Co-Founder & Vice President
Susaye Greene
VP Cultural Outreach
Los Angeles

Appointed Board of Trustees

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Board of Regents of the McGill Peace Prize Research Institute

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Advisory Board

Josh Machiz
LGBTI Leadership, N.Y.
Syed Mahmood Kazmi
Diplomatic Adviser, U.N., D.C., N.Y.

Project Launch Signers

Matt Damon
Treaty Signer
Dr. Arun Gandhi
Treaty Signer
Don Cheadle
Treaty Signer
Ben Affleck
Treaty Signer
Ray Romano
Treaty Signer
Montel Williams
Treaty Signer

Liaisons, Lobbyists, Advocates, and Intermediaries

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Peace Prize Goodwill Ambassadors

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